The winds of change are blowing

                           All your times are done.

Red or Dead met protesting outside a UKIP conference and made the first item on the BBC 6'oclock news that night.

We play passionate music that is not a performance but comes from the heart. The society we live in is not equal and is not just and we are going to shout about it!

New Ep Coming Ver Soon!

Baby Does Cocaine
Love This Land

We have lined up gigs throughout the year and are playing quite a few festivals this year.

We will let you know where and when real soon 

We have enjoyed some great gigs this year and its been great playing in so many new places and meeting so many people with the same ideology.  We are taking a couple of month away from live gigs now so that we can concentrate on finishing the next album and a new ep which will be a bit of a departure from our usual sound. We have a lot of new stuff to bring you and are very excited about getting it down in a recording. See ya next year  xx 

All our releases are available from our bandcamp store Here
                                          as well as most other digital download sites.

We had a blast supporting Hugh Cornwell and were blown away by his response to our set.  We have some big gig announcements to make soon and are looking forward to playing near you soon. Check out our gig list to see where we are next.

'It’s probably one of the best albums of its genre you are likely to hear in 2017 or 2018' - Louder Than War - Trotsky Waltz

'Trotsky Waltz, in totality it is rough-edged, splendid and splenetic; I just love it. Listen & repeat.'  - From The Margins 

'Totsky Waltz is 13 tracks of the very best folk punk that could easily hold its own alongside the early anarcho punk bands and bands like The Levellers.' - Scottie - All Systems Go Records and Wolfman Radio

'Trotsky Waltz, it’s another passionate and very catchy piece, and it has definitely been worth the wait'  - Soundscape Magazine

Folk punk is necessarily rough around the edges and earthy. It has humour and self-deprecation built in, but when it works it has a message, and Red or Dead's is as straight forward as a political t-shirt slogan - and that, with the spirited music, is what makes them essential. - Live Review From the Margins

'Think the ideals of Billy Bragg, the passion of Strummer and a sound somewhere between The Levellers, Roughneck Riot and The Tansads.' - Gingerquiff - Trotsky Waltz

"It's not often you have the hairs on the back of your neck prickling listening to music in a pub." -  From the Margins

"Great name, great sound, really edgy." Hugh Cornwell - The Stranglers

No One is Innocent ep " A near perfect release" Soundscape Magazine 

Never Again in the Link to Wales top 40 songs of 2016  "Great words, Great Song"

''Urgent, politicised, utterly unarguable and more effective per song than a thousand Tweets in riling the blood to action;

Educate, agitate, organise, but don't forget to sing. '' From The Margins

"Heartfelt passion" Link to Wales

"Punk and Protest is alive here!" North Wales Music 2016

"They remind us that this country is fucked if we don't actively try and make a difference" Link to Wales

Pay what you like download for the homeless charity Crisis

Trotsky Waltz - Available Now

No One Is Innocent

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